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Summer Potluck

Upcoming 130th Birthday Celebration!

Join us to celebrate 130 years of service and giving to the Boise area community!

Celebration luncheon is 12 noon on Thursday, May 19,2022 at the Idaho State Museum.


An early thank you to banner sponsor Banner Buzz for their great donation to support this event.

Congratulations to the Boise Columbian Club's first winner, Youssef Belhadj, of our themed writing contest!

Books:  The club has for several years distributed children's books to apartment complexes that had a significant number of needing families.  We also have donated Dr. Suess books, filling in the missing volumes from the Boise City library's collection.

Boise Library:  As the founding organization to create a library system and raising the funds for the Carnegie Library, our club has been recognized by the Boise Public Library and invited to anniversary celebrations.

GFWC:  The Boise Columbian Club recently was host club to the Idaho State Convention of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs in April 2019.  The General Federation of Women’s Clubs is holding their regional conference in Boise in September 2019 and our ladies were instrumental in its success.

Greenbelt Benches:  A permanent show of giving back to the community are the 24 benches along the Boise Greenbelt.  All have a plaque next to them “Donated by GFWC Boise Columbian Club.”  We participated with a booth during the Greenbelt's 50th celebration.

Honoring Veterans:  Annually, the club participates in a day of wrapping Christmas packages that are distributed to homeless veterans.  We have honored the women veterans that reside at Boise's Veteran Home by hosting a tea for them.

Literary Partnership:  In partnership with The Cabin in 2014, The Boise Columbian Club hosted gala dinner event prior to the lecture by Erik Larsen, the author of “The Devil in the White City” that is set at the Columbian Exposition.  It was staged as the Columbian Exposition on the stage of the Velma B. Morrison Center for the Arts.  It was a magical time since our club founders were there at the Exposition in the “White City”.

Philanthropy:  Members have generously given monetary donations to many organizations, including:  The Bishop's House, Booth Memorial School/Salvation Army, Giraffe Laugh, Operation Smile, The Shoe That Grows, among others.

Saving O'Farrell Cabin: The Boise Columbian Club in 2001 spearheaded the renovation of the O’Farrell Cabin by organizing work crews to take it apart log by log, then reconstruct it properly.  At the Boise Senior Center, our substantial contribution resulted in a room named for the Boise Columbian Club.

Scholarship:  Starting in 1982, The Boise Columbian Club used the proceeds from the sale of their clubhouse to start a scholarship fund at Boise State University.  Over the past 37 years, the Boise Columbian Club has funded $76,000 in scholarships.

Tree Planting:  5 trees purchased by the Club were planted in Borah Park as part of the goal of Boise City Council president's goal of 100,000 trees in 10 years.

Writing Contest for middle school students:  Entry dates of 10/11-12/1/21 with the focus on the environment.  Seven prizes were awarded to area middle school students on 3/14/22.  Idaho Press Tribune

Women's Suffrage:  The Boise Columbian Club joined with 3 other organizations to promote voter registration prior to the 2020 election.  Many of our founding members were active in the local suffrage movement.  A few members were interviewed for the Idaho Women 100 book.



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Field trip to
Nyssa Historical District

BSU Scholarship Recipient

Get Out the Vote!

GFWC Conference

Cabin/Morrison Center

Lincoln Exhibit at Idaho Archives

Tree Planting in Borah Park


Bishop's House Donation

Lady Veterans Tea Party

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